Seeking security pathogens, open access...


Author : National Academy of Sciences
Publisher(year) : 2004
Number page :89

The National Academies committee organized a 1-day workshop on the public release of genome data on bioterrorism-threat agents, which was held in Washington, DC, on October 1, 2003. About 40 invited scientists and policy experts who work in government, private industry, and academic laboratories attended. Workshop participants were asked to address three questions concerning genome data for possible biological weapons agents: What categories of genome data present the greatest concern? What are the pros and cons of unlimited vs. restricted access to such data, including threats posed to the scientific community or to national security? What are some options for making decisions about release to the public domain? The workshop agenda and a list of the participants are appended to this report. Although the questions posed to the committee were limited to consideration of genome sequences of bioterrorism-threat agents, these were by no means the only kind of data that workshop participants discussed. The broader context is complex, and there is no clear demarcation between bioterror-agent genome sequences and other genome data, gene expression data, protein structures, and other kinds of research results

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