Renew – Renew

Renewal limits:

     a) Many library items may be renewed but once the renewal limit is reached, the item must be returned before it can be checked out again.


     - Loan Period: 14 days

     - Renewals     : 1 time


 Renewal methods:

     Most library materials may be renewed any of two ways: online or in person

         a) Online: Book materials may be renewed online within 14 days of the item's due date. Faculty, academic staff students and UC membership may renew items online once. 

*Logging in to your library account at

 - Click on: Login

 - Click on: Your ID number (65****40)

 - Click on: Your Password: abc (if you do not change)

 - Click on: My Library

 - Click on: My Check-outs

 - Click on: Items Held Currently ( Also Renew Items)

 - Pressed on the "Renew Item" (on the right side)

*Please note: If your renewal request is successful, the book will display as "Renewed" and the new due date will be appeared.

            b) In person: You can always renew items in person. Most library materials, for example reserve and  some general collections materials,  are eligible for in-person renewal at Toshu Fukami Library at the circulation desks from which they were checked out.







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