Sexual identities in English language education


Author : Nelson, Cynthia D
Publisher(year) : 2009
Number page :254

What pedagogic challenges and opportunities are arising as gay, lesbian, and queer themes and perspectives become an increasingly visible part of English language classes? How are language learners and teachers experiencing gay-themed discussions in class, and what are the implications for teaching practices? How can language learning be enhanced through teaching approaches that do not presume an exclusively heterosexual world?" "This cutting-edge book skillfully interweaves the experiences of over 100 language teachers and learners (from over 25 countries) with theoretical analysis. It provides a practical framework for engaging with issues of sexual identity in the classroom, whether these arise in planned or spontaneous ways. An invaluable resource for second- and foreign-language teachers and teacher educators, this book will also appeal to anyone interested in the complexities of social diversity within education contexts worldwide."--Jacket

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