Orientation " The UC Library conducted an orientation program for new Foundation Year students.  Ms. CHAP Cham Roeun Molika, Deputy of Library, presented about the library, including its many activities as well as the rules and regulations. She also introduced students to the library’s available information resources. Many students remarked that the orientation program transmitted knowledge and information, such as being able to search for information effectively, though some said did not see the value in the orientation.  In order to change the negative perception of students on the program, Ms. Molika recommended to be allotted a little more time to the orientation so that she can stress how crucial the library is for students. She can go into more detail instead of doing a broad overview. Molika believes the true goal of any Library orientation is meeting the new students: “The most important lesson I hope students gain from the presentation is that they can turn to me for help at any point in their research.” The Orientation Program is also designed to help all new undergraduates students quickly learn about the key Library services and research tools they will need to use in order to do their research for their classes. "




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