Preperation activities on 2nd Library Festival 2018


On May 28, 2018, Ms. Chap Chamroeunmolika, Deputy Director, Library at The University of Cambodia, attended a meeting to discuss on  "Organizing Activities at the 2nd Library Festival" will be held at the National Library in 2018. The meeting was organized by the Young Librarians Committee of the National Librarian and Documentary Association at the University of Puthisastra with 11 libraries was attended. The library is the information center to engage with the audiences that includes having presence at their activities rather than having they come to us or we come to them. This is our goals to find creative ideas for marketing academic libraries through recent literature. In order to achieve our marketing goals effectively we have to follow 3 steps: 1) Promoting literacy, we do a lot marketing to promote our libraries services, printed books, e-books services, reference services and also social media marketing are effectively strategies to fulfill the demand of our patrons’ needed. 2) Reports from the field, we have done of research on such: survey on libraries services, questionnaires on library printed books and e-resources providing. As the result, all the users are required more and new resources and should create more activities would be gain more attentions from the public. 3) Partnership marketing are our local libraries who having a very good connections in the library field, in the cities and our internal students are also the part of an outreach effort to spread the information. Thus, in our libraries meeting on 2nd Library Festival, we hope our patrons will involve more and gain benefit for their own effort in education field.

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